EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Infinite Flight Photo Thread

Hello everyone! Because Oshkosh 2022 is underway and is taking place in Infinite Flight, I want to post my photos in a day to day thread of everything that happens at the airshow. These photos are from July 24 to July 31 and the threads will be posted daily like I said above. Enjoy!!



Day 0 (7/24/2022)

Day 0 was the day before the actual airshow. This consist of pictures on my flight from Green Bay to Oshkosh aboard a Daher TBM-930 in the Infinite Flight livery.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Daher TBM-930
Livery/Airline: Private Airline (Infinite Flight Dark Livery)
Flight Time: 30 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 2,000 FT.

Started the evening at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport.I was originally going to do flights from SFO-ORD-GRB from my irl home airport (KSFO) on United but didn’t have enough time. I will do this flights in reverse to end the trip. Also boo Packers lol

Goodbye Green Bay!

Appleton Intl. Airport

Lake Winnebago

Wittman Regional Airport in the distance. Unfortunately we had to go around due to how busy this place is.

Touchdown in Oshkosh!!

The Boeing Plaza where it all happens. There’s already some action too!

Our home for the next week. Time to set up camp!

That’s all I have for Day 0. Pictures of Day 1 should be uploaded shortly after this thread. See you next time!!


Amazing shots mate!

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Day 1 (7/25/2022)

Day 1 was the first official day of the airshow! I did a fly around in NASAs SOFIA Boeing 747. One of Infinite Flight’s more interesting and almost unknown planes.

Server: Casual
Aircraft: SOFIA Boeing 747
Livery/Airline: NASA
Flight Time: 28 minutes

Getting ready to taxi with an A-10 way in the background.

The telescope has officially been open!

Takeoff! Plus an A330neo just about ready to land.

Beautiful tower shot. I didn’t know US Airways came back lol.

What a view!

Made some very steep turns on this specific flyover.

Super close to the ground in this shot.

Buzzing the tower!

Getting some attention!

Landed safely! Now back to the Boeing Plaza.

That’s everything related to Day 1. I’ll post everything from Day 2 tomorrow night. Have a good day!!


Thank you very much!

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Here a some photos from my demo!

  1. Max effort takeoff from 36
  2. Banking out from the 400 mph pass
  3. 120 mph pass in the landing configuration
  4. Mininmum radius turn with flap 40

I’m the a330 neo

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Not sure if this fits the thread or not, but thanks to everyone who did patterns while I was controlling today!



Day 2 (7/26/2022)

Day 2 was the second day of the airshow and I did two flyovers, one on the Expert Server and one on the Casual Server. The first one was the A220 on Expert and it was quite busy which made it very enjoyable. The other was on Casual with the A350 and despite it being not that busy, it was still good and I was able to do a bit more without rules.

Server: Casual
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery/Airline: Airbus (Factory Carbon Livery)
Flight Time: 40 minutes

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Livery/Airline: Airbus (House Livery)
Flight Time: 48 minutes


Taxiing plus a KC-10

Ahh yes, the Causal Server :/

Takeoff time!!

The two rivals…

Buzzing the tower like always!

Have to appreciate how good the Boeing and Airbus House Liveries look!

Back at Oshkosh after a pretty hard landing.

Here are the pics from the earlier mentioned A220 fly around.

That’s all for tonight. Stay tuned for more pictures!!


Did not know the doors on the Sofia can be opened

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How are you able to see the flight paths of the entire session?

In the replay:

Click on aircraft → click “filter”

Repeat for all aircraft


Sweet thanks!


Day 3 (7/27/2022)

Day 3 was a short one. The reason being was I’m currently on vacation and yesterday was the travel day so I wasn’t able to be on long. It was a very minor fly around on one of Delta’s B737-800.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery/Airline: Delta Airlines (No Livery)
Flight Time: 24 minutes

Ready to go!

Takeoff plus the traditional tower shot


Directly over the airport!

The iconic Delta tail fin.

Landed back at Oshkosh after a short flight

The fifth thread will be uploaded shortly after this! Stay tuned!



Day 4 (7/28/2022)

Day 4 was once again a short one. Like I said I am currently on vacation and don’t have a lot of time to fly. For this fly around, we are in Boeing’s iconic 777 specifically the -200LR varient.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Livery/Airline: Boeing (Boeing House Colors)
Flight Time: 32 minutes

Spawned with a Delta A350 next to me.



The A350 right over the wing!

Lovely engine shot!

Landed safely.

That’s all for tonight! Sorry about the delay. See you next time!!



Day 5 (7/29/2022)

Since I’ve been on vacation, I have not been able to update the thread so I do apologize about the lack of photos. On Day 5, I flew in a USAF KC-10. A really cool plane and one of my favorite military planes out there.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas KC-10
Livery/Airline: United States Air Force
Flight Time: 28 minutes

Ready to taxi!

Goodbye Oshkosh!

You forget how big this airport is.

Lowering the boom!

Have to appreciate how the boom works!!

From the tower!


That’s it for Day 5! Day 6 will be up shortly.



Day 6 (7/30/2022)

On Day 6 we return to using commercial aircraft. Specifically a United 757-200. Known as the “Flying Pencil” this is one of the most iconic planes out there!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Livery/Airline: United Airlines
Flight Time: 22 minutes

Spawning in.

Good ole tower shot!

Doing a fly around of the general area today.

Lake Winnebago.

View from KOSH tower.

Back in Oshkosh!

The second to last day is complete. The final day pictures will be following just after this!



Day 7 (7/31/2022 | Final Airshow Day!)

Well, here we are, Day 7. The final day of Oshkosh 2022! We end it off with a fly around in an A-10 which has some awesome liveries in Infinite Flight. Lets end this right!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
Livery/Airline: United States Air Force
Flight Time: 15 minutes

Spawning in one final time!

A final tower shot at Oshkosh!!

Very STEEP turn.

One more shot of it all!!

Many people appear to be leaving already.

Another shot of the general aviation flights leaving.

From the tower!

One last touchdown into Oshkosh!!!

And that’s that from Oshkosh! It’s been one heck of an airshow and I’ve enjoyed it very much! I hope to attended some sort of virtual event of Oshkosh next year in 2023! There will be four more threads of my flight from Oshkosh-Green Bay, Green Bay-O’Hare, O’Hare-Denver, then finally Denver-San Francisco since SFO is my home airport and this is a way I may fly home irl. I hope to actually attend this airshow in real life one day because it seems so cool! See you all next year for Oshkosh 2023!!



Day 8 (8/1/2022 | Travel Day 1)

Day 8 is the first travel day. We flew to Green Bay in a TBM-930 early in the morning since we needed to get out of Oshkosh as soon as possible.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Daher TBM-930
Livery/Airline: Infinite Flight Livery
Flight Time: 27 minutes

Packing up camp.


Liftoff. Goodbye Oshkosh! See you next July!

Lake Winnebago

Cloudy morning!

Green Bay.

Arrival in to Green Bay! Next up: Chicago

The next flight will be Green Bay-Chicago O’Hare on United! Stay tuned for that!


Mate great photos! You should be the Plane Spotter for IF 😋

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