EAA AirVenture 2021 Photos!

Spent a majority of the week in Oshkosh for AirVenture and wanted to share some photos I took while on the trip. Let me know which one’s your favorite and I look forward to meeting some of you guys next year 🤘


what happened in the back there?


kinda sus ngl

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wow, nice pics there

collective envy from entire IFC

Great photos! I love the teddy bear in the Orbis plane. Looks like you had an amazing week.



when you close the fridge and hear something fall but leave it for the next person


It’s apart of the airshow segment. Nothing bad happened

Awesome photos! That UPS is amazing 🤩

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Seems like we were in similar locations at the airshow.

I’m planning on going next year!

It wouldn’t be Oshkosh without airplanes and explosions!

Like MJP said, it’s part of the show and really makes for some great photo opportunities!

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Fun fact on the UPS 747, it’s the newest in their fleet and was only a couple weeks old when I snapped those pics.

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Epic shots as always, Chris! Not jealous 😭

The U2 though…. 🤤


Thanks Jason! Funny story on the U-2s, they flew in all the way from Beale AFB in California, and I coincidentally shot some aerial photos of them years ago. Odds are one of the U-2s from that shoot is the same one I saw at OSH this year.

Cool! Did it land at OSH? Those things need chase cars.

Didn’t land but did a couple low passes to open day 2’s air show.

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