EAA Airventure 2018 Thread

Hello all,
As being from Milwaukee, WI, the EAA airventure is so close. I will be once again attending this year, and cannot wait for it. I know it is still a little ways out, but I would like to hear what everyone is planning on doing if they are going. If you aren’t, would you want to? This should stay open until the end. Here, after some pre-EAA airventure 2018 discussion, pictures could be posted. Hopeing to see some community members there!


Had my first flight with EAA back in January.

Gonna have one again soon. Can’t wait!

I know that Laura said that she will be in attendance. I may be rolling around if I’m available that week

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Planning to have my first EAA flight soon. We tried to do a flight back in February but due a low cloud celing, we decided to cancel the flight.

As I am from New York City, Milwaukee is quite far away. Wish I could join in the avgeek seminar image

My EAA flight took place during high winds and a low cloud ceiling XD

It was fun though

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I might be attending for a day or two. If I was going to I would most likely be with my dad, or maybe by myself. If anyone wants to meet up somewhere though with me, just PM me at the event

I’ll be there for about 3 weeks. Flying out from CA in mid July and returning early August. Would love to meet people from the community since I’ll have lots of free time.

Maybe we could get an IF meetup planned if we get enough staff or members in attendance. Thoughts?

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I never had gone to eaa i wish my dream will come true

That would be smart. Infinite flight should have a stand there (they don’t actually, just a thought). I think it would be cool for them

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@N1DG and I are planning on going with a buddy in his Baron 58!!

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I went last year and may drive or fly in this year!

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How much does EAA Charge for Aircraft parking?

No idea! This would be the first time I am going!

I may be taking a road trip and staying for a week.

Was this from young eagles?

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I may be going! If the academy for law enforcement down here in Florida doesn’t start around then!

Definitely going! Meeting up with fellow MKE spotters, would love to meet fellow pilots :)

I’ll be there, probably from Monday evening to Saturday night.

We could organize a meet and greet at some point :)


Will you be flying into Airventure by your Cessna (whatever aircraft it is)?

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Nah… too much trouble and I’d be freaking out about the weather all week… but maybe one day I’ll do it…