EAA air venture Oshkosh airshow and fly in @ KOSH - 251800ZJUL16

Server: Free flight server 1

Region: Oshkosh

Airport: KOSH

Time: *1500zulu 1pm EDT

NOTAM: The first ever EAA air venture Oshkosh event on IF. Come and fly in and watch a virtual airshow unfold at KOSH or Join in to the actobatics by sending me a PM. I do not want an unorganized event only good aerobatic pilots flying acrobatics. Do not spawn in an aircraft bigger than a 737-800. This will be a fun event following the big world renound EAA air venture. I am looking for someone who is IFATC to do ATC at this event. If your interested, PM me


I am looking for IFATC to do some ATC for us at this event. I would lien proffesionnal ATC. If you are interested, please PM me

Come and represent your VA in the VA battle

More up to date notams will be published closer to the date, if you are flying in to watch, do not spawn at KOSH, you can fly in to KOSH but so not slaw there.

I thought that more people would be interested in this event

Maybe when it gets closer to the event, just like how the south Florida event blew up on the day it’s on.


Yeah I guess, thanks @NetJets_Nick

If you want IFATC you would want to change it to the advanced server.


I will do that. Thanks. Could IFATC do ATC for is at this event? I would like proffesionnal ATC. @Jay_Dykstra

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I can fly in the p-38. Do an airshow routine . If anyone wants to formation fly with me, pm me

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If love to have you, please email me your name, callsign and aircraft to flyingluc13@gmail.com . Your email will allow me to set up a flight schedule. Thanks @Rodney_Buckland

Probably won’t be available at that time, sorry. If you want though I can see if any IFATC are intrested.

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That would be great. Thanks @Jay_Dykstra

All the Advanced ATC are professional…

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I know, I just put that to entice people @FedoraPilot

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Just to clarify guys this event is the first Infinite flight EAA air venture Oshkosh event. Please do replicate it or dos mother event at this region on the same day.

We now have a spitfire demo team and a f16 tactical demo team that will be performing along with many others. Stop by and enjoy. Go to top for more info.

We still have space for a few performers

Hi, I may be able to make this, it depeneds on what time i get home from work. but if i can ill PM you. Id be in a spit for the display but if you want a good display youd be better off having this on free flight?

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Would you have a schedule set up yet?