E4B Nightwatch in Nuremberg @EDDN

Hey everyone, today I was back in da hood in Nuremberg. The reason was the E4B (74-0787) made a stop in NUE with Lloyd Austin onboard. Since I wasn’t able to catch the bird furing landing I drove to the airport in the late afternoon. When I arrived at the airport a rare bird suprised me…


  • Airport: Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg (NUE)
  • Date: 17th February 2023
  • Weather: Cloudy
  • Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
  • Lens: Tamron 18-400mm

A Omni Air B767-200ER was taxing towards runway 28 as I arrived at the spot

Later this Sundair A320 showed up

Thereafter this WizzAir A321neo left NUE

Then Lloyd Austin entered the E4B

74-0787 taxing torwards runway 28

The Nightwatch arrived earlier that day from Tallinn

This is now my favorite face to face shot


Pure beauty


I thought the Cabinet all shared the Secretary of State’s 757? How did Austin get authorization to fly Nightwatch?

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