E190 with TBM9 Autopilot sounds

Device: iPad 9th Generation
System: 17.4

Hello IFC
So tonight, I decided to do a codeshare route for American virtual on the JetBlue “Blueprint” E190 from Burlington VT to New York JFK. Pushback, takeoff, climb, cruise and descent were all normal. While approaching a 7nm final on the renowned Canarsie approach for 13L, I disconnected Autopilot to fly the rest of the approach by hand, and was very very confused to hear TBM9 noises.
This was the second flight I did tonight in addition to an IFATC session at CYYZ. Everything was completely normal with no app glitches prior to my AAVA flight. Once on the ground, I turned on AP heading a few times just to confirm what I heard on final and it was the same noises.

I spawned in a few minutes later on solo at runway 13L, assuming maybe it was a multiplayer server issue, but the same AP noises occurred.

Thanks for any and all help

I also noticed this today in the E175. Don’t know if it is intentional or not.

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That’s interesting that it is occurring on both Ejets

Perhaps the TBM sounds were implemented for the sake of having a sound instead of nothing.

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I believe they added the AP disengage noice to all aircraft. Because the same thing happens with my beloved MD-11.


Which one have they added for the MD-11

I’ve noticed this too and I think this is on purpose. Don’t know why they chose the TBM A/P disconnect but that’s what it is for now.


The AP disconnect noise of the TBM has been added to the MD-11

I primarily fly the delta widget liver, but I’m pretty sure its for the other livery’s too.

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Seems to be the new default sound. Everything other than Boeing and Airbus aircraft is using this sound from what I’ve seen.

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