E190 Seats

Hi everyone, is there a reason why the E190 has not added the maximum seating capacity in the weight configurations? I ask this because in reality it can reach up to 114 seats, while the IF model has only 101.

I have listed below some operators with more than 100 seats.

Airline Seats Font
Amaszonas 112 Link
Azul Brazilian Airlines 106 Link
Breeze Airways 108 Link
Helvetic Airways 112 Link
TAP Express 106 Link
Tianjin Airlines 106 Link
TUI 112 Link

Interesting you put down the actual seats. I did think it was a tad low for 101 seats & expecting a bit more.
I noticed E-190 is impossible to overload MTW, when all are full. Is this the only aircraft on IF that do this? FULL PAX, FULL fuel capacity and FULL cargo and not go over MTW.


Yes, I noticed that too, maybe the developers let it go without realizing it, or maybe there’s some reason for this to happen

What’s your point? Listen and chill out?!
It’s rubbish btw😂


yeah basically

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Its a valid question, nothing to be ridiculed at.
I prefer Techno btw


true just thought i’ll add that lol

also if you want to continue this discussion move it to pms

I hope we can get some answer or maybe solution for this, if I remember correctly, in the past we had something similar that was given a solution

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I’ve reported the issue, so the devs should now be aware of the issue. I also noticed some inconsistencies with other weights for the aircraft. Those have also been addressed.


Thanks Chris

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I just wanted to mention that we have the same “problem” with the a320 family, for example on a320 in the sim the max passengers capacity is around 174, but many a320 operators have way more capacity than 174.

And I reported it and I got the expression that they didn’t care and that knew it better even though I showed proof


Well… if the manufacturer of an object heavier than air specifies that, who are we to disagree…

Anyway, I hope it gets fixed…

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