E190 Raked Wingtips? E190-E2?

In one of the pictures that IF released, It showed the E190 with the regular, extended, and Raked wingtips. To my knowledge, there are no regular E190s with Raked Wingtips, So, Could this mean that IF will release an E190-E2?

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The E190-E2 will not come with the E190 rework. I believe Infinite Flight has mentioned that they do this for all models of aircraft when developing their aircraft. Its just part of their process. The E190 doesn’t have the enhanced wingtips either so your question would imply that the E190 is coming with enhanced wingtips which we all know it doesn’t have IRL. 🙂


thanks so much :))

But why spend the time to develop aircraft features that won’t make their way into the game for the forseeable future?


I’m sure there are reasons that you and I aren’t aware of and don’t necessarily need to know. Knowing Infinite Flight and the artists, they wouldn’t waste their time on something if it was determined to be useful in the development process.

Think of it this way, the little nubs or rubber hairs on a tire. Its part of the manufacturing process. In this case, there are certain things that Infinite Flight needs to develop to assist with the production of the final product.



I know it’s not your point, but, are those hairs really only used to assist with the production? 😂


Yes and today you learned something. You’re welcome. 😎😅


and here i was thinking they were for traction in the snow 🤦‍♂️

Fun fact: I believe those hair things are called vent spews, they are formed in little holes in the mold for the tyre. Just so you know :)

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Have you…ever driven in snow?


Yeah lol they di absolutely nothing to the traction of the car. Anyways how has thus topic gone from the wingtips of an E190 to the traction of a car driving in the snow?


Turning off traction control in the snow and absolutely letting a V8 scream is a personal highlight of mine. Can’t quite get the adrenaline rush in the tropical heat here, but I digress.

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I lived in Alaska, so yes. I must have just been stupid.

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