E190 Question

So with the Challenger 350 and the heavy aircraft polls, is the E190 still in the process of being reworked or is it being put aside for the other aircrafts to come in because I haven’t heard anything about it in a while.


I have not heard anything either. Strange.


Check IF’s Discord, they post WIP images there

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In the blog post linked to the first round of polling, they said the development on the new Heavy will begin AFTER both the E190 and Challenger are completed.


The E190 and CL35 are both in development at this time. The E190 is nearing completion. Once done, the winning heavy aircraft will enter development along side the Challenger 350. Often times we’re working on two different aircraft at once and they’re staggered in terms of how far along they are in the build process.

There is not a firm timeline or release date for any aircraft actively being developed.


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