E190 incorrect strobe lights

The recently reworked E190 has incorrect strobe lights animations, the E190 doesn’t flicker like the E175 and also it has a pair of strobe lights at the back of the winglet.

Here’s an example:

Here’s IF:

I hope to see this being corrected, the E190 is by now the most recent aircraft on the simulator, c’mon, at least the lights should be corrected😉.

Thank you!


At least we got the plane.

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If it is there, make it perfect. Else don’t release. No need for an incorrect model.


ths has been brought up before, and the dvs already know.

Well done for spotting it!:) It is wrong indeed

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This is a known issue. I just cannot believe that they can create such a detailed model of the aircraft but somehow manage to get something like this wrong. I would take a few less cables and bolts visible on the nose gear but then have correctly placed strobe lights. I don’t mean to be rude, but it really does baffle me, how something like this happens. Unfortunately, judging by the past, it will take far too long for this to be corrected, if it will ever be. Things like this rarely get fixed. They haven’t even been able to update the simple preview image of the Belavia livery on the E175. It still doesn’t have the high performance winglets on it, even though in-game it does. They always say “thanks for the information”, or “this is a known issue”, “it has been noted”, but then it rarely ever actually gets fixed. I really don’t mean any disrespect. I’m just saying how it is. And if they don’t want to or don’t feel its necessary/worth the time and energy to fix something (which I totally agree when it comes to certain planes or certain issues), than they should just say that, instead of making people think it might be fixed at some point.