E190 Game Crashed As Soon As Tuned Into ILS Freq

Was approaching HPN and FLL today. Game crashed as soon as I hit the set nav 1 button to get the ILS on both occasions.

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Looks like you left the application numerous times during the flight.

In the future, set your graphics, frame rate, and aircraft count to low or none and make sure to stay in the app at all times.


Settings were all on low and I don’t think leaving the app had anything to do with this since the last 10 approaches worked just fine until today on the E190.

I would try restarting your device before you fly.

Alright, looks as if it might have just been a fluke or the iOS bug. You know, one of those rare crashes that happens once every so often, or the iOS fix that has been here for a while.

Catch you in the skies!

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Did that too.

Better luck next time man!

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