E190 draws the Embraer logo over the U.S.

At an altitude of 41000 feet and a flight time of 4 hours and 38 minutes, this Embraer has successfully made a drawing of the company’s logo over the midwest. Takeoff was from Nashville at 10:15 AM CDT, and then it landed back in Nashville at 2:53 PM CDT.
I believe that it shows their dedication to the U.S. and that they will heavily market their planes here. It was also to celebrate their 48th anniversary.
P.S., I didn’t know that they have the potential to be in the air that long! I guess they can do that with no passengers and bags/cargo.


It was to celebrate their 48th Anniversary.


Hmmm, I wonder who they got that idea from…

hint hint


Looks amazing, but it’s not like it’s not been done before… (I mean sky drawings, not one of the specific embraer logo)

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it was a little off coming back in

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The path of solar eclipse is just north of Nashville where they took off from so they probably made sure they did the 48th anniversary honor early in morning so Embraer employees can watch the speculator event later. Quite a big day for Embraer to have an anniversary on same day as solar eclipse.


Yep, absolutely! No doubt


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