E175 Winglet Discrepancy

Excellent job on the E175, and congratulations on the release!

However, I see one major issue in the design of the E75S winglet design, and that is that it lacks accuracy to the real model.

The winglet design in-app appears to be a E190 family winglet, having a much more “curved” shape.

Infinite Flight winglet:

Real winglet:


One could say this is an issue with camera angles, lighting, etc… but this just looks like a modeling discrepancy.

Device: iPhone SE 2020
Operating System: iOS 16.0


looks fine to me mate lol

I feel like the part of the strobe lights to the winglet isnt supposed to be so curved

Looks fine

i see what you mean. The curve is not properly represented in my opinion

Leave it like this!! Its much better looking like it is now

Thanks for your feedback! I don’t see a definitive issue here and trust our design team to have gotten it right based on the many references available. Cheers!