E175 Strobe Lights

I noticed during the stream that there were a lot of questions about why the E175 had double strobe lights on each wing after watching a quick plane spotting video of a 175 it is completely accurate no reason to complain and I’m pretty sure that Deercrusher can confirm this.


Go watch some YouTube videos and thank me later. 😎

The EJet is just that B…A…

This might be of assistance.


Thank you!

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Yup i was hoping the e175 would have both strobe lights :)

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Made sure this small detail wasn’t overlooked.


I live under an approach that sees a lot of E175s, and when they come in at night I can identify them from the CRJ and 737s based on strobes so it’s nice to see accurate strobes


Yeah, I knew that and when I saw that strobe lights I fell in love instantly. What a good work!!!

And its amazing in IF because you can instantly tell an E175 flying by when you see its double strobes.


Just like in real life!

Do you know if the E175 Short-haul have 4 strobe lights too? Do you know what I mean?

and now which plane will be reworked or made? i wish the a320 neo was made😏😊

E190 is next if I’m now mistaken, assuming they haven’t started yet

They dont. Just have one on each wingtip


I believe the E190

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DeerCrusher you did an amazing job making sure these small details wasn’t overlooked

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Wasn’t just me. The whole beta team found a bunch of issues. But there were some minor things that I had hand in such as where the lights are specifically located within the wingtip housing. Stuff one wouldn’t think of.


Stuff one might’ve flown on might know 😂

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If you mean the smaller wingtips on the 175, then as answered above it appears to be 1 on each wingtip, you can see it here if you look close: Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread - #1974 by AlaskaAirfireball111

This is actually inaccurate to the IRL smaller wingtips which use a different strobe flash and have a 2nd strobe on the back of the wingtip (the 190 also uses the same strobes if my memory from flying on one is correct). You can see how they flash here: Delta Airlines E175 Night Takeoff Detroit - YouTube

IF usually only uses 1 type of strobe even if different wingtips so I doubt it’ll change and it looks fine, just wanted to point it out.

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ok, thank you so much

It would be cool to have both types of strobes. That one has an interesting sequence.

One thing I’ve noticed with the IF strobes on the E175 is that it’s relatively slower than the one IRL as shown in the video DeerCrusher has shared. Would be nice if it could be sped up slightly to match.