E175 routes

I am looking for some good E175 routes to fly have they made the full route database yet or no

You can always take the Tulip livery and explore regions of the earth you haven’t been to as much. There are also so many new 3D airports to choose from!

Skywest has one of the best route maps to work from. It features the big 4. Realize that some of these routes are operated by CRJs as well, but you can fictionalize it and pretend that the E175 is covering the route for the broken CRJ that just broke down at the gate.

Toggle the ON/OFF switches to display only the airline you wish to operate.

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I can confirm that 90% of the time this is Accurate

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I’ve also made this myself and sorted it by HUB and distance back when I was flying the 175. This is only for United Express. Others such as Eagle may operate but this should give you a good idea of what’s out there.

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Check out Alaska Horizon’s routes. Unfortunately they’re retiring the Q400 so basically the entire map will be E175 run by the end of next year

Go on Flightradar24 and filter the aircraft by E-175s. You will find tons of flights to get ideas from.

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