E175 route issue

I’m trying to fly the suggested route from Kobe to Aomori. The KOBE4 departure procedure is shown but the next waypoint (BIWWA) isn’t. What is wrong? Thanks.

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Infinite Flight’s SID/STAR procedures aren’t completely up-to-date so you will find some discrepancies. Just use the transition point that makes the most sense for your flight plan.

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For this issue you can better make a topic in #support

Good luck with finding your problem.

Thanks. I found that South American route is no longer working either with the new format.

Bob Hoffmann


While some procedures in Infinite Flight are slightly out of date compared to their IRL counterparts, the KOBE4 SID is actually more or less up-to-date (aside from the name; it’s the KOBE5 SID now). The waypoint “BIWWA” is not part of the SID; it’s just part of the V28 airway that the MIDER transition (MIDER.KOBE4) leads to next.

So, to answer your question, the procedure in-game is functioning exactly as it’s intended to. You just accidentally included a waypoint that one of the transitions eventually leads to.

I’ve attached below the APD for RJBE from 2020, which includes the then KOBE4 SID. Refer to pages 15-21 for a breakdown of the transition points and how the procedure is actually flown. Enjoy Japan! :)

RJBE APD (2020)

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