E175 question

Hey does anyone know the release date of the E175 like I’ve hear rumors but idk if there true!


All the rumors You hear are 100% speculation do not believe any of them all we know is that the update will come sometime between today and December 31 of 2022


Well said @Ethan_Brown ,

Speculation is just guessing so they are hardly true at all.

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Thank you so much

One thing that help’s me wait patiently is imagining all the amazing new liverys that are being created, all the new 3d airports and all the new routes I’ll get to fly

Hey Ollie!

Any rumors that might be wondering around, are most likely inaccurate. As always with updates, Infinite Flight never announces an official date for release. The only thing it requires is patience. For now, just sit back, relax, and the update will be here before you know it!

As we always say:

One thing I would say is that just look forward to Mondays. If it doesn’t release then just hope it’s next Monday and then just repeat.

Don’t believe any dates. Even if they try using my name. I’ve seen a few saying “DeerCrusher said it’s coming out on__”. No. I have not said anything. Lol


Are you sure you haven’t said anything? 👁️🫦👁️

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Not sure why you’d think the answer would be different the 8th time you created a topic with the same question?