E175 Photos

These photos were taken at various airports all over the world. They all feature the new E175 in its beauty. Little fyi this is my new fave plane in the sim now. Now for the screenshots.

Alaska E175 in Final at LAX on 24R over the In and Out Burger.

Private jet on final screaming over one of the most famous beaches in the world!

E175 lineup at London City.

American E175 blasting out of LGA

Trip E175 on final at São Paulo

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Hope you like these shots 🙂


Tarom doesn’t fly into London city just London heathrow.

That livery isn’t Tarom it is Lot Polish Airlines

Right i didn’t look hard enough. nvm then.

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I think I remember you at EGLC

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What was your call sign I recognize this name

I just realized those are your thumbnail pictures

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They are my thumbnail pics

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My callsign was KLM 982
I was probably the KLM E175 to the left of you

I remember you I think

Love these, Southwest!

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Thanks Skye I appreciate it

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