E175 Fuel Bug

I was recently going some cross wing landings into WMBT. I noticed that while flying the E175 that below 15% power the fuel burn rate is 2
pounds per hour. Is this known?

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The average 200 horsepower car burns 10 litres of fuel per hour. A 5000 horsepower engine would burn more than 2lbs


How much fuel do you have on board? I do see that you have the Min. Fuel warning yet your engines are not shut off, so they’re still running. And it should be burning more than 2lbs/hr even at idle.


I have 2700 Pounds of fuel on board

Are you able to reproduce this issue? If so, could you list out the steps in order, and I can try to see if I can get it to occur on my end as well.

Yes I am I would like to point out that it is only present in the E175 and not the other e series jets.

Select E175 in the airplane menu, and spawn at a takeoff point ( Engines will be running)confirm idle power, and confirm the fuel burn. Note that idle power will produce a fuel burn of 0 pounds per hour. I tried all of the different livery’s and spawned at a couple different airports and was able to recreate it every time

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This issue is present up to 10% power

You are absolutely correct. There is indeed an issue. From 0-5% the fuel burn is 0lbs. Once at 6-10% burn goes to 2lbs. 11% burn goes to 1792lbs/hr. I’ll pass this info to the developers. Thanks for the report.


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