E175 flight route

The E 175 is great and for the first time I tried to fly one of the routes specified in the email announcing the plane. I could not find the waypoints for the flight route to Rio de Jenero except for kevun. What am I doing wrong?

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Let me guide you through this:


SBGR: Origin Airport

GENK2B: Departure Routing: (click on the SBGR airport dot, click “PROC” (for Procedures)”, then click “Select Departure” and find “GENK2B” in the list.

KEVUN: Intermediate Waypoint

ASAL1A: Arrival Routing (SBGR airport dot - do the same process (as you did for the departure routing except click “Select Arrival”

R20LW: Approach Routing (do the same again but click “Select Approach”.

SBRJ: Arrival Airport

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Thanks very much! I’m not a pilot, just like to pretend and do a lot of winging it :). I have always wanted to know if the 250kt restriction applies to take offs as well as landings.

Bob Hoffmann

I mean under 10,000 feet of course.

Bob Hoffmann

@Bob24521 it does as well!

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Do not see PROC when I click on the airport dot. I always fly solo, not being a pilot and afraid to screw up online. Does this flight pattern set up only work flying online?


You need to click on the airport dot, then click on the airport name to bring up the information - at the bottom you should see a tab called “PROC” - click on that.

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It works in solo mode too (you can try patterns at 5x speed, which is only in solo).

There was a collision accident in the early 60’s apparently assessed as being caused by too much speed from a high rate of descent.

So the trigger for the rule indeed started with descent speed control, to allow see-and-avoid to be effective. But as it’s also possible to speed on ascent (though perhaps less likely), the restriction was included for ascent as well.

Later the reasons given included lowering the damage energy of bird strikes where they are most likely to be flying (which varies with the square of speed).

Okay, got it. Thanks.


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