E175 - Flap Sounds Coming & Going

E175 Flap Sounds sometimes work when retracting or detracting. Sometimes they dont. When in cockpit view.

Device: Samsung Tab S7

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Which detents are you not hearing any flap sounds on? It might be an intentional quirk with the E-175 as moving the flap lever from either 4 to 5 or vice versa would not actually move the flaps or slats.

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It’s random.
First 3 to full no sound.
Now all no sound for detracting and retract.

Probably because when it is only the slats, you won’t hear anything. But when you move to a flap setting that moves the flaps themselves, you will hear it

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This is certainly the case with the A350-900, but I am inclined to think that this might be an issue with the E-175 given moving from flaps 3 to full would definitely have some flap movement involved as well. Trying to see if it can be reproduced now.


Seems to be very random.

Try switching views then go back into cockpit flight deck view and see what happens?

flaps 4 and 5 have the same config, but flap 5 is used for landings and flap 4 for take-off


I’ve just checked the issue and I’ve found that the flap sound is only enabled when the APU is switched on and there is electrical power, despite the flaps also moving when there’s no power of any kind. I believe this is an oversight on the developer’s part and they will be made aware of this.

Here’s what I’ve observed:
Flaps 3 - half slat/half flaps
Flaps 4 - full slat/half flaps
Flaps 5 - same as flaps 4
Flaps full: full slat/full flaps

The reason of flaps 4 and 5 being the same config may be this, credit to OP:

Basically, 4 is used for takeoff and 5 is used for landing, with different protection rules in effect. However in IF there are no difference.


I’ve the same issue, flap retracts 4/5 are missing. Also the call outs from the FO using IF assistant

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Yeah that makes sense, I don’t think it’s a bug

As mentioned in two posts above, this is intentional as the flaps do not actually move when flap 4 is moved to flap 5.

Flaps being set to 4 would disable the EGPWS call-outs such as “Too low, terrain”, “Don’t sink”, “Pull up”, among other call-outs that could be distracting during the approach phase. This is generally only re-enabled when the aircraft is in a more critical phase, such as once it is established on the ILS or RNP procedure.


Ah, thx got it! But a callout is still missed from 3-4. this is also right?

That’s an IFA thing. Not something controlled by IF.


It works for me In IFA

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