E175 Color change and matte glow

Hi, I don’t know if it’s a problem, but the brightness range as the light hits it, it changes color (looking at the engine and wingtip inner part), it goes from blue to purple and the brightness, if compared to aircraft like the A220 or A330 appears to be a matte gloss

the graphics are all up high

Device: Zenfone 5z
Operating system: Android 10


I made a comparison with the A339 just to demonstrate that where the light hits and generates the sun glare, it’s a matte glow.


Hi! I think that the new ERJ175 just has more updated graphics. In my opinion, the E175 seems more realistic when it comes to sun reflections.

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I think its just the paint schemes of the individual aircraft type, with different aircraft having a different finish to it, Like the comparison of a commercial airliner (a330neo) to the military aircraft finish such as the spitfire. And as @NewsDude said, the way of developing the aircraft keeps evolving over time. :)

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Yes, but the problem is that as the light hits, some parts of the aircraft change color.

While on aircraft like the A333 A339 and A220 this does not occur, as they do not have the same matte gloss quality as the E175


I had the same problem earlier meanwhile landing at SBTT, its looks like a purple colour, at the same Trip livery, but this time is in the winglet.

Samsung S8;
Graphic Settings:
– Quality (Low)
– Rendering (Medium)
– Texture (Low)


In my first photo it is also noticeable on the wing tip, I understand that it may be a new graphics scheme for the new aircraft, but the graphics scheme we have in the last reworkeds aircraft this does not happen

Hi some other things I noticed

Air Canda’s E175 turns brown when the brightness hits

Here in the FDA and Republic Airways livery it is possible to see how this affects the original coloring of the aircraft, this does not occur in real life to be something more realistic as mentioned above

Another thing I noticed is that on the wingtip of the model like the FDA this problem does not occur, while on the wingtip like the Republic Airways this happens


Well observed eh

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