E175 best routes

Denver - Jackson Hole United E175


how bout taking a ride to the lush forests of dominica from miami on an american eagle e175


Miami to Key West


I’mma make sure to do that. I simply love flying into Jackson Hole

We dont have any info on the livery list apart from the confirmed and or leaked liveries. but there will be plenty of routes to choose from have a look on FR24 or flightaware to look at possible routes for when it is released

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Find out here

When it’s ready

The know liveries coming are Alaska/Horizon
Private Tulip
Fiji Dream

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We might possibly have a Flybe from a photo Laura shared but not confirmed

Hopefully united

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cleveland has some good e175 routes like CLE-ORD CLE to JFK or cle to dca

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I want to do MSP-SFO in a United E175

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Legit one of the first flights I want do do in the reworked E175 🛫

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KNUC-KNUC you know it you love it

If we have the Trip E175 you can do those routes all around Brazil:



Do you remember the days when this route used the Boeing 757-200? I miss the Tulip running around the skies of Jackson.
I also remember when an American 757 slid down the runway and into the snow back in '10.
The United Flight back and forth was a popular one. I think Skywest took the bulk of the routes to and from Jackson from Den these days although once in a while an Airbus 320 will slide in.

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December 29th 2010, yes I remember that!! My mom was working at the airport that day and remembers like it was yesterday

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United used to operate the B757 to Denver, Chicago ORD and Washington Dulles

American Airlines E175.

A brilliant route to try out if you are looking for a destination away from major hubs in the Northeast.

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Warsaw (WAW) - Kosice (KSC)