E175 Azul Linhas Aéreas PP-PJE (Trip Livery)


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Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras is a Brazilian airline founded and approved in 2008. It is the third largest airline in Brazil in number of passengers, the second largest in terms of aircraft fleet and the largest in number of destinations offered, operating in 98 airports in Brazil and in 8 international ones.

In May 2012, Azul and TRIP announced a merger. TRIP was the largest regional airline in Latin America. The companies operated independently with Code Share, uniting their networks and on-board service. As a result, Azul began to have a larger market in the northern region and some regional airports, such as Pampulha Airport in Belo Horizonte, as well as having flights departing from Guarulhos International Airport.

The merger was approved by ANAC in November 2012. The resulting company remained with the Azul name and encompassed some of TRIP’s visual brands.

More about Azul: Azul Brazilian Airlines - Wikipedia

I liked. Hopefully it’s among those selected for the E175.

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Very nice, TRIP and Azul liverys togheter

I will definitely think about voting for this. I am absolutely loving the blues and greys and I prefer the LR over the STD.

I’m unfortunately out of votes, but this livery definitely has my support

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Bumping the topic
Hope they add this livery in the rework


Such a beautiful and high quality picture 🤩

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This livery isn’t a trip, it has drip!

Oh yeah!!! 🥶


We need this livery for Azul’s regional routes in Brazil.

I think we have two the same issues