E170 flap settings and speeds

Hello there, i have a question regarding flap settings and speeds for the E170.

In the real world the E170 has 6 different flap settings (1,2,3,4,5,FULL).
However, in IF there are only 4 (7,10,20,37)
My question: Which IF flap setting represents which flap settingvin real life?

Because all speed tables found on the web are fpr the settings 1,2,3,4,5,FULL…

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The E170 is a relative old model in IF. Due to this it is more generic then newer models. When it gets reworked it will have the realistic details like specific flap settings and so on.

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Thanks for the answer!

i hope i see a development of this soon, as i agreed to pay an amount yearly, for that i could get MSFS2020 for a lifetime…

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IF also doesn’t have the millions of dollars that Microsoft has to pump out a whole bunch of planes so you would need to seriously campaign for the E-Jets as they are behind a few other aircrafts in the rework polls.

well, i think such a basic issue should be easily resolved in a fair amount of time, i mean the model is 8 years old.
Within 8 years i gain a Bachelors and a Masters degree in engineering and we talk only about the correct labeling of flap settings in a sim…

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Well they also have bigger thing to focus on then just a label

You can help support by voting for it’s rework request in #features :)

I’m a huge E-Jets fan an would love to see a rework of it’s physics, cockpit, and model! We recently had the community poll to choose our next aircraft but it seems that majority want another long-haul. Sometimes, it takes lots of times but it will pay off when we receive a model like no other!

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Yes, i just voted for that! Thanks!

I still think that some really basic issues should be solved without having to vote.
And not within a decade but within months or weeks…
Not only flap labellings, but also aspects like wheel spin and gear tilt not shown on replay.

What gear tilt?

The gear titling - ie not being parallel to the ground but offset at an angle.


…for example on the MD-11, where it is not shown during replay.
of course E170 doesn’t have it ;)

@Airnico_9962_on_YT i believe we saw each other in FACT :P

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Sadly, Infinite Flight only has the capacity to work on 2 planes at a time. Usually, they develop one aircraft a year that is really bad (like the 757) and one that gets voted on (like the 777). The chances of the E-jets being voted on are small, but they will most likely be reworked anyway because of how old they are.

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