E170 & E195 Retirement flights

As I’m sure you’re all aware, with the introduction of the reworked E190, The Embraer E170, and E195 will be removed from the sim. So, I decided to do 2 retirement flights. 1 for the United E170, and another for the AirEuropa E195. These are the only Liveries that we wont see again, so I thought it would be nice to remember them a little bit and send them off with some pride :)

United explus Embraer E170
Flight time: 1:05hrs
-This screenshot reminds me of the early days of IF when the picture of the plane in the livery selector was a picture from in game, with scenery, Lmk if any of you all were around for that lol-

AirEuropa E195
Flight Time: 50min