E170 deleted

Hey everyone, back before infinite flight went global you might remember how you could buy aircraft to fly. I had bought the e170 but it is now deleted. I was wondering I could be reimbursed for it with another aircraft?

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You probably won’t get reimbursed. But having a new E175 and E190 looks good enough of a deal to me xD


Yea the new planes are cool but I also just lost one of the planes I fly when not on pro so it would be fair to get another one

The only thing I can suggest is probably asking help from a mod or getting PRO.


Unfortunately that is not possible.


Is there any way to reimbursed at all?

No. There’s not I’m afraid.

We have communicated this to happen quite clearly and the reasoning behind it. In-app purchases are unfortunately not for lifetime, as with any software.


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