E170/175 Speed Cards, Limitations, and General Info

I am a captain on the E170/175 for a regional airline. We all like to fly as realistic as possible when it comes to the sim world. I was somewhat bored and couldn’t sleep so I decided to make a document with speed cards and lots of other info. Actually I made it as a PDF file so if anyone wants it you can PM me your email address or I can post about 15 screenshots to the thread. If no one minds a ton of screen shots I can do that.

If anyone has any questions about flying the 170/175 or anything that is on the document I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities.


I would like a copy. Could you send me one?

Me too! Can I have one?

Send me one!

I would like one, please.

Meet too please!! Seems interesting.

Can you make a tutorial? In the #tutorials It would be good if everyone could access the info

You could upload the PDF somewhere like Google drive.


I am totally interested in it!

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Okay I just sent an email out with the PDF attached. Everyone who PM’d me their email and if I spelled everything right 😁 Should all have a copy!

Thanks again,

The PDF is kind of a rough draft. It is missing the checklist but I haven’t made one of those yet.

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Does it have the flap maneuvering speeds according to the weight?

It includes Vfe, Vref, V1, Vr, V2 speeds for the embrear 170/175s. It also includes how to calculate the Vapp as well as the crosswind component.

And I must say after I tested it, the embrear flies a lot smoother ;)

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I’d like a copy!

PM me your email

I’m not so sure, if it doesn’t have the maneuvering speeds for the flaps, I doubt it’ll be effective. At least for me.

It has max speed flap extension speeds, min flap extension speeds and all your V speeds for all weights for take off and landing

Great! I just sent you my e-mail.

I would love to make a tutorial but I can’t post there yet.


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