E170/175 fuel flow values off?

Hey guys,

Yesterday, I tried a scheduled flight in the E175 from Billings, ID to Dallas, TX. Envoy flies the same route in their 175 in RL. According to simbrief, the flight was only supposed to burn 15.4k lbs fuel en route with an additional 4.4k, IIRC, in alternate and 45 min reserve.

My question came about when I was 1:15 out and I had only 28 minutes of fuel left. I was way off from the estimated fuel values on the flight release navlog, despite the fact that my flight profile aligned with the release profile, FL290, M078, and TOGW matched up. Any clue what the issue might have been?

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The IF aircraft is one of the older ones so it’s very easily possible that the fuel burn isn’t as realistic.


That’s what I was thinking. They need to update it so bad!


Yeah that’s exactly it, same with the A380 and a few other older aircraft. It will be updated I’m sure with time. Or maybe an A220, who knows. Have a good one.


It’s the OLDEST commercial aircraft in IF :(

Sadly, most players in the game are only interested in jumping in the wide-bodies as soon as they download the game without a requirement to learn how to “fly” on smaller aircraft first and to fly unrealistic routes with make up your own or just 3 waypoint routes. The regional aircraft get little support or flown by the community as a whole.

I was really and pleasantly surprised that the Devs reworked/Added the CRJs and the TBM; so they may give it attention but any requests for regional upgrades are usually dwarfed by the 1000s of votes for the biggest planes they can find.

And to quote myself from another post on a similar topic:


The fuel burn on the ERJ family is not accurate.

Not the oldest, but one of the oldest.

Actually, looking at the release dates of the aircraft of Sep 2012 makes it the 2nd oldest while the C-17 is the oldest with Mar 2012 ( Happy IF Birthday - 7 years old … Hmmm that gives me an idea.


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