E-Z Air International Airlines recruiting

E-Z Air International Airlines is now recruiting and looking for pilots! If interested please PM me and I’ll be able to send you the details. If there’s any alliances out there who want us to join please let me know


Just about everyone kicks off their VA here so I just assumed it was alright

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Hi there. First off good luck with your VA, I hope it works out well. It’s best when advertising stuff for your VA to set up a dedicated thread to it rather than create lots of topics for different things, that way the forum doesn’t get clogged up with posts.


So I shouldn’t mention the alliance thing?

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No, absolutely, put what you want. Just don’t create multiple topics: try and keep everything on one thread that’s all.

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I only have one topic.


Do you have a website?

Not yet but hopefully soon

How are you recruiting? Are you using slack or some other form of communication?

We have a group chat and I speak to individual members using social media more often then not.
Would you like to join?

Sorry I can’t I’m a bit too busy… But sounds good hope you succeed!

Thanks Ben

BIG NEWS: E-Z Air International Airlines is proud to announce the soon to be opening of E-Z Air Europe, run by @Jamie_Akass.

And in case any of you discourse keyboard warriors want to come on here and tell me off I’ll have you know this is E-ZAIA’s only topic and that I have already spoken to Carson regarding this decision.

@Carson can you close this thread? we have another one