E-Metar is glitching

Today I did a flight OEJN-HAAB.
Then I did check the E-Metar at HAAB.

Ipad Air 2
IOS 11.1.1
Latest version IF

Hey! Thanks for reaching out to support.

Can you consistently reproduce this issue or is this just a one-time occurrence? Try restarting the application and see if the issue persists. If it does, be sure to let us know.

Thanks in advance! :)

now it says weather not available
i did a restart

I was just able to reproduce it. Happened to me the other day the METAR was all over the page

@2345 & @anon11890182: Have you tried reinstalling Infinite Flight at all to see if the issue disappears?

I thing it’s a server issue.
I’m unable to reproduce it.
I have stable internet connection.

Try restarting it might be the connection issue or something…

Are you saying the METAR is no longer glitching or does it still occur?

Ive had this happen a number of times to me on both the iphone 6s and 8+. It seems to be pretty random when it happens. I have noticed that if there is a glitch in the METAR, that im more likely to have a glitch on approach with the wind as well. So assuming they may be related?

If i’m correct, the METAR is being streamed in like the geography. This might have something to do on their behalf (although that is quite unlikely), or you may have lost connection for a minute causing this.
When all else fails, Re-install!

What @mwe2187 says. It’s random.

IS this happening at one airport (or area)

Africa only for me…

All Over Africa or in one airport?

HAAB and FAOR. Just east/south Africa.

It might be at the weather center there then if it is not happening anywhere else.

I think it’s just a streaming issue.

It could be either from FDS or the weather station(s)

I’ve had it happen all over for me, most recently yesterday coming into ATL

Is it still happening now?