E-Jetting to CA: Trip Report

What Welcome! For Easter weekend (Happy Easter everybody to those who celebrate!), I travelled to Toronto, Canada for the Olivia Rodrigo guts tour.

18 hours before the flight, my complimentary upgrade got approved and this felt like the perfect opportunity for a trip report!

I have created a rubric that I will be using, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

Entering into LaGuardia terminal B: Gotta love the #NEWLGA! There was a beautiful mural with quotes from former NYC mayor LaGuardia, who the airport is named after.

Boarding the flight!

My seat, 1A! As you can see, it’s a basic recliner with decent recline! More than perfect for this 70 minute hop! We had an on-time departure out of LGA, and we had a great headwind, allocating us with a short flight time of 50 minutes. However, a great flight time does come with a price: we had quite some turbulence, resulting in the seat belt sign being on for the majority of the flight.

Shortly after takeoff when we reached FL100, the Flight Attendant serving my cabin quickly got to work. I ordered a Diet Coke and was offered a snack basket. I chose a classic: Biscoff cookies!


Our cabin was served by a Flight Attendant on reserve who had ran on right before boarding and literally had no idea where we were going 😂. She was friendly but not too chatty. Question for any Flight Attendant’s out there: is Silent Review required! She was on her phone during takeoff, but I am not exactly sure regulations! Meanwhile, my dad was back in economy and had a quite grumpy flight attendant: it’s very understandable as flight attendants, let alone regional ones are underpaid.

Final Remarks

This was as perfect as a flight can get for such a short hop. I had a friendly flight attendant, a comfortable seat, and a great snack. So much more than I expected from my economy ticket!

Service: 3/5

Seat: 8/10

Food: 8/8

Amenities: 1/2

Total: 20/25

If anyone has any feedback, I am open to ideas as this is my first trip report!


Was this on the dash 8?

it was an ERJ

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Very nice trip report! My sister went to the Guts tour, here in Minneapolis. She seems to have really enjoyed it, so I’m hopeful you will as well.


I love the ERJ series.

A few months ago I was gonna take an early flight from ICT-ORD on an E175 but couldn’t make it and had to take a later flight on a CRJ-200 💀.

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Thanks! Glad she liked it, it was the best night of my life and I highly recommend it.

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You mean tailwind? A headwind would make the fight time slower, not faster.

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Sorry I meant that our headwind was great for us not a great as in large headwind. Sorry for the confusion!