E jets planes

So will the E-170 and 195 be reworked as well or removed?

They will be removed.


E195, E170 will not be reworked. Maybe in the future. But for now no.

They will be removed once they rework the 190


Well the thing is I purchased that plane so if they plan on removing it then they should give those that purchased it something or keep it for those that bought it


Woah that’s history right there. Pre-global club.


if you have a older device, or other device that you might have that you don’t consider primary, maybe install IF on it and turn off auto update on that device so you’ll have an older version. I did that with my old iPad, since some versions of IF don’t complain about there being a newer version out there

nice to see someone else with the pre-global Q400 purchase though!

Yes I have every Boeing aircrafts and most airbus except the a330 neo and the a350. I also have cessna citation x. f-22 2 lockheed c-130s

The E170 and E195 will be removed on the day we release the E190. You’ve got a little bit longer with those legacy aircraft! Cheers


And the E195 will definitely not be reworked? On Instagram you guys said it would be reworked.

It’s the E190 being reworked. Likely was a typo if they said E195.

But I paid for the E-170 with money

The solution to that would be to download Infinite Flight on another device (if you have one) and turn off Automatic Updates.

I don’t have another device

Well then…I’ll let Tyler help you with that one…

And all other people who paid for it with cash

How do you purchase something online with cash…

You use itunes or google play gift cards

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Or use credit card to purchase credits on app store

Oh yeah - facepalm