E-Jets Freighter

The Embraer E190F / P2F is a small size freighter aircraft based on the Embraer E190 launched in early 2022. It is designed to fill the market gap between big turboprops like the Atr-72F and medium sized jet aircraft like the 737F. It offers the opportunity for airlines to convert their existing E190 fleet to freighter aircraft, giving them a new destination.

I believe this would be a great addition to the reworked 190. It would expand the cargo fleet in Infinite Flight with a completely new type of freighter.


General characteristics

  • Payload: 23,600lbs / 10,700kg

  • Length: 36.25m / 118 ft 11in

  • Width: 28.73 m / 94 ft 3in

  • Height: 10.57m / 34 ft 8in

  • Powerplant: 2× GE CF34-10E


  • Cruise speed: M0.78

  • Range: 2300NM

  • Service ceiling: 41,000 ft

Credit: Embraer

For more info: E190F & E195F Freighter - Embraer

Voted, I was just about to make this haha


Gave this a vote as well. This obviously won’t get added soon as there are no operators yet but my hope is that it gains traction in the real world. With a bit of luck we could see this added to the reworked E-jets in a few years.

And is it me or are the winglets different than the ones on the normal E190?

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