E-Jet questions

I was flying an E175 and landed it at 140 knots and some people say they land as slow as 125 knots can anyone help me out on landing speeds and flap speeds

I’d recommend checking this topic out!

It usually depends on weight, the heavier you are, the faster you need to land. The E-Series is fairly old so the physics may not be realistic. But you can actually land down to 100kts!


Really at 100 knots that’s a record haha

Yea indeed, For the 190 series, You should be around 135 final app speed, touchdown should be around the 120 area. This is if your about 50% load

As for the E170 series, you should be about 125 on final, 115 touchdown.

Wow I thought the E-jets would be heavier. The more you know

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