E-Jet Family parking stand problem after 19.4 update

Hi everyone.
There are some issue about the aviablie parking stand of the E-jet family after the 19.4 update.

At EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol), I can’t spawn with an E-jet on Remote stand A and B. But in real world, this is where KLM park all their E-jets. Also, this same problem happen at LFPG (Paris Charles De Gaulle). I can’t spawn with an E-jet on Gate J. Which in real world this is where Air France Hop and other airlines park there E-jets. the same problem also happen at EGBB . There maybe more airports affected by this problem, but I have only found 3 in the mean time.

This issue dose not exist before 19.4 update, please fix this as soon as possible.

There are many aircraft size restriction issues with 19.4 and they are being looked into by the editing team.

Also, welcome to the community.


This is a common Issue being looked at. Welcome to the community!

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