E G G Thoughts

Seeing as this came out of practically nowhere, I figured why not get shut down in 5 minutes by violating some rule or another and make this.

Lord knows why they did it, and why this came out of nowhere like this, but it is hella awesome! What are your thought on the Atari game in the A350?


Not really good life choices to say the least.


Well my life choices aren’t exactly the best. Just saying. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Lol. Y’all had an entire thread with hundreds of replies to find this and talk about it yet we’re still making new topics. 😂

It’s pretty fun, I’ve got to admit. Good ‘ol breakout.


There is something else with this Easter Egg.

Does anyone recognize the pattern of the blocks? (The colours, to be specific). ;)


No. I did not.

You might be overthinking it.

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Nope, I’m definitely not ;)

Noot noot!

There are some very interesting things… The Easter egg was like being at a theatre, there are happy ones, and there are angry ones…

a bowling lane haha

I’m sure if you ask @SunDown she will be able to confirm for you 😜

And Laura for that matter

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I did it in 137 seconds

Weird flex but ok. I am literally in Spanish Class trying to figure this out while happily ranting in spanish.

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its Coloured as a Trans-Pride-Flag and I really appreciate and love it…
Thanks Laura, again ♥️


what view do you have to be in to play the game?

Trans Pride! Although for a sec, I thought it was the American flag.

Flight deck view.

You might want to get your eyes checked on that one…


Sorry for the sins I have committed @SunDown

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It was alright. I was expecting a bit more but I’m cool with this.