E-4B Nightwatch Livery

It would be awesome to have the E-4B Nightwatch AKA Doomsday plane Livery added to our Boeing 747-200 fleet.

The E-4B is a flying command post operated by the US Air Force that can be used during nuclear events, emergency situations etc. It allows for the continuity of the US government in the event of a major disaster and is always at the ready Incase it’s needed. It also provides communications and other support as needed to our Secretary of Defense while abroad.

The attached article from Popular Mechanics includes a great description of this aircraft along with a video of a rare visit to Travis Air Force Base.

I think it goes without saying that the Nightwatch livery would be an awesome addition to the 747-200 lineup in Infinite Flight.

Feel free to comment, thanks.

Great idea, cool livery, but I believe this is a duplicate.


Yeah, but this one has more information, than the other topic.

But yes, it’s still a duplicate.

Old one closed. This was way better.


I think instead of making it be a livery on the 742 you should make it a new plane like the VC-25 and Shuttle Carriers.


Livery would be alot easier. Plus, the current E-4B is a militarized 747-200: The cockpit, etc is for the most part the same as the base 747-200. The differences are mostly on the inside, added capability for aerial refueling and reinforcement of the fuselage to provide shielding from EMP blasts, etc.

I would say that minor adjustments to the base 742 fuselage such as the aerial refueling receptacle, etc along with of course the E-4B paint job would be the best way to go with the E-4B livery.

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I see that bird a ton down here at Peterson AFB, would love to have it in IF. It has a very significant mission in the USAF as an alternate airborne C2 airframe.

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Yeah it’s awesome. We could fly it all over the US and around the world on simulated support missions, etc once global arrives.

They can not just make this a livery. It would have to be a different model due to the refueling bump on the top of the aircraft.

Different model then. If you look at our entire 747-200 fleet they aren’t all identical

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