E-190 Landing Crash

Device - iPhone SE
OS - IOS 16

Hello all, I’d like to report a issue I found recently while flying the E-190 from YBAS - YPDN. Upon touchdown, I landed normally and started to slow but at roughly 100 knots I got the crash screen. I was completely centre on the runway and I don’t know why this has happened.

One additional piece of information that may help is that I was not flying with the greatest internet, it loaded everything fine but was a bit choppy at times. I’m not sure if this is a issue with the game, my internet or the E-190 but I’ll report it anyway.

P.S here is a link to me replay if anybody needs to see the flight, Share My Infinite Flight

Did you have the gear down?

Maybe it could be an issue with the scenery like when the plane dips in to a pothole?

You could try clearing your scenery cache and see if it happens again.

My gear was down, I’ve checked in the replay

It’s odd though because my plane never started to dive, it just randomly crashed. I’m thinking the game didn’t sense the runway as runway

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Clearing scenery cache might help encounter this at Amsterdam on a 78X before and right as I touchdown the game show the crash screen even tho I’m appropriately set up for landing

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I’ve once fallen through a runway while landing before, so that’s entirely possible

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