E-175 Fuel Burn Estimates

Ok so, over the past few months, I’ve had this kinda weird obsession with pushing planes to their limits. However, there are certain planes with newer updates like the E-175 where there are no fuel burn profiles yet. Now, I understand that most people will probably use it for routes no longer than 4 hours. However, just in case during my flight from Long Island (KISP) - mainland Italy, I noticed a certain pattern in fuel burn as follows (which results in you getting the most out of the aircraft, which believe it or not is around 7.5-8 hours of total air time).

Load: 54%
Load: 48%.
Load: 38%.
Load: 33%.

Now you can laugh at the ridiculousness of this little piece of information. However, unlike this absolute legend: Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Flight Fuel Burn + Fuel Calculator [40 AIRCRAFT], I am not able to calculate in detail the fuel burn per kilogram and such. I also understand that this is a very skewed and niche post (Like the 7.5-hour try-harders that are out there on Infinite Flight), but that’s kind of what I’m targeting (and also a post for me to reference back to myself if I ever felt like going transatlantic in an E-175 haha). Happy Flying (and hmu if anyone felt like doing a long haul narrowbody ;) )


I’m impressed by your effort, but you can’t calculate endurance based only on load. External factors such as temperature and pressure have a big role to play too. Tho I’m not sure if the tropopause/lower stratosphere is modelled in IF…

You’re totally correct. A couple days ago I took an E175 with a heavy passenger and cargo load from Vancouver to Kona and it still had reserves by the time I landed (6 hours).

I don’t think it matters in IF. At least for my numbers they seem pretty accurate.

If you have a head wind you get worse endurance than a tail wind also.

Distance wise yes time wise no

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