E-170 autopilot

Hey guys I went into the expert server to do a flight I was heading from WADD to WIII and my autopilot wanted to take me everywhere but my flight plan even though I had everything set up solid I was flying a E-170 and it was like got a mind of its own, is there any issues going on here or was this just a freak accident?

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Without seeing your flight plan or knowing for sure that the correct leg of your flight plan was active, we can’t really know.


Give me one minute tell him I have oh wait I think I can share it with you my trainer trio gave me the idea

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Did you have APPR set by chance?

Embraer E-170 does not have this capability

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Do you have a picture of the FLP?

Actually no. I watched my replay and for some reason when I was filing my FPL it didn’t register it. Even though the lines showed that I had one.

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Flight plans don’t appear on replays

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Is there one of these for global or is this the only one there is?

Yes, use Infinite Flight FPL Converter for a global flight planner. You will have to create a SimBrief account though.

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great program !! Slight tweeks to s few fixes can be adjusted there too if it rejects part of a real world plan
from Fight Aware. The dispatch sheets are invaluable !

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I bet you probably overflew your first leg and the plane wanted to take you back to it. It has happed to me before I set a waypoint right after takeoff but controller told me to go straight out past 3000 so I missed it. I then switched on the NAV and it tried taking me back to the one I missed


[quote=“dgreiter_doug, post:12, topic:349768”]
Fight Aware

Just made a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles and head to redo the entry to Los Angeles because my arrival runway was 24 left and even though that was stated within the website and flight plan it decided to connect to Los Angeles so that the ILS would light up instead of planning a direct entry into the requested arrival runway 24 left why is this or is something that I’m going to have to correct every time I set a arrival airport and runway? Also I wanted to choose runway 10 right at San Francisco to fly over 28 left runway heading and it would not allow it it kept planning for me to use 28 left for departure flying runway heading 10 right which doesn’t make sense to me since it would make more sense to fly runway heading 28 left which of course would make the departure runway 10 right I’m just really confused about this if someone could please clear this up for me to wear it would make more sense?

You keep saying “it made you plan this and it made you plan that.”

Can you expound up what exactly is forcing you to use specific runways?

That site allows you to chose your runways should you choose SimBrief as the option. Or you can just go to SimBrief straight away and cut out the middle man, I don’t really know how to resolve the issue without more info on what exactly if forcing your hand.

Replays do not show flight plans, but live flights do.

So can you perhaps show us a screenshot or two of you making your flight plan, as well as the flight plan as displayed in IF prior to takeoff?

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So, I mean, just as an example of the same flight, I used both SimBrief and FlightAware via FPLtoIF:

I added SIDs and STARs to SimBrief:

And I got a flight plan:

That gave me this (there’s always a few points within the cone you may need to add manually:

Here’s the flight plan of a real flight from today on FlightAware, pretty similar, no? (I did not add a specific landing runway here, hence ending on GADDO):

BTW, you may still need to check out the departure plate, as obviously planes don’t make 350 degree turns on a dime:


Actually Tim, when I copied the flight plan to my flight plan it had me departing on 28 left flying runway heading 1 0 right, I believe it would be more sensible to depart on 10 right and fly runway heading 28 left (you have to head that way anyway to get to Los Angeles) in which case you would be heading towards 6 left 6 right however the ideal arrival airport would be one of the following 25 left 25 right or 24 left 24 right. Considering these four runways normally are in the green color ratio (meaning approach is more likely to tell you to expect vectors for these four runways) if this still isn’t making sense then I will try to file the plan and then send step by step screenshots once I get into Infinite flight. However I haven’t tried to do a return journey from Los Angeles yet I’m still trying to get a better understanding on how to use this website it’s not really a crisis but it would help me better understand on why things are occurring the way they are however I do understand what you’re telling me in a sense as well

PS. When I went to look at KLAX it didn’t have me going to runway 24 left, it just had Klax marked as the final destination I actually had to go in manually remove the final airport & final waypoint and correct the error to actually make a safe arrival approach to 24 left

Well, you don’t depart from a runway based on where you’re going, you depart based on the winds and/or preferred runway operations at the airport.

When you say that the flight plan was “wrong” by having KLAX as your final destination, what you mean is that it doesn’t include the waypoints for your ILS/GPS/VOR/LOC/DME whatever approach to the runway. That’s common, and those points typically are added in manually after creating the larger portion of the flight plan. Nothing is “broken” there.

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