DynamX | the best IF pilots!


Ceo change:

You may have already heard of this va. I am happy to announce that I am the new ceo! The old one did a brilliant job, unfortunately he’s too occupied with his real world life.

Who we are:

Team dynamX is the single most extreme formation-display-team Infinite flight has to offer. built only around the truly highest skilled jet-pilots, we handpick every single one to deliver a display for you, which will leave you speechless. we fly every display as required, short or long. a low pass or a 30 minutes show, tribute events or huge openers - we have no limits. we are team dynamx.

Becoming a pilot:

to keep our standards high, we rely on capable pilots. requirements to join as a display pilot are below :

  • Minimum age of 15 years
    ​- previous experience in professional jet flying
    ​- absolute dedication to the team
    ​- the ability to talk on discord
    ​- the ability to chat on slack
    ​- flexible online times throughout the week
    ​- high situational awareness in a highly dynamic environment
    ​- time & effort to maintain a steep learning curve
    ​- robust character to accept criticism regarding your performance

To become a pilot please fill in the form or pm me. You will get invited to slack and I’ll take care of you.

Event booking:

If you want to promote your va or just for fun, come book the best aerobatics team there is! We will prepare your display however you want it!

Our team:

Our team is currently made out of 11 pilots. It might sound small, but we are striving for the best quality pilots there are. Note that if we see you have a good potential, we will train you and make you reach the best.

Here are our pilots and staff:

DynamX team:

dnmx1 - Nate
dnmx2 - alex
dnmx3 - brunow
dnmx4 - lucass
dnmx5 - Srfr
dnmx6 - cap
dnmx7 - matt
dnmx8 - alec
dnmx9 - adam
dnmx10 - zen
dnmx11 - jetair
dnmx12- david

Our staff:

owner: zen
forma-lead : alex
social media : Kirow

background workers :
• cap
• - srfr

Important links:

Our website

airshow booking





-Fellow Aerosync 2IC

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Good luck my friend and I will certainly be booking you!

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Thank you for the positive feedback. Hopefully this va will work as well as it had been! Don’t hesitate to request an airshow!

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This certainly is a very professional VA, and your website is second to none - one of the best I’ve seen!

I expect many great things from you guys, and I’m sure you’ll deliver.


Thanks! Really happy to see you like it. Although I’m the lucky one that found a redimade va… I’m just going to keep it as active as possible and update it to stay up to your expectations!!


I found the way to get notified of the aplications, so you can fill in the form on the website now!

Good luck with the VA (Is it an “Airline” idk). I would love to join, but unfortunately don’t think I have the time. Hope to see you guys in the air sometime.

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You can always request an airshow if you want!😉

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At DynamX we’re preparing an event soon. Any good pilot that’s interested please pm me or become part of the va!!

requesting an event
If you want a very professional event/airshow, please ask at least 2 weeks in advance. We need time to prepare it and it takes a lot of training.

There is a new member in DynamX! @David_Beckett . Well done!

Only 8 more people accepted !

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Little training to see his level. In the heart of Swiss mountains. Perfect to test flying capabilities!



Mmmmh 🤔
Sounds familiar

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Very nice! I love the formation

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Yes he’s in aerosync, but decided to join DynamX as he was a bit disappointed…

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A little training with some of the members of DynamX.


Thought you might like this formation so. It’s with the f14

He’s not part of DynamX, but he’s a brilliant pilot! (Dragon 01)

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From the same training exercise.


Training with the team