Dynamic Departures // New series debut!

Hey everyone, I’m back here again with the new series I hinted at in my last post. The name isn’t all the best but it’s work in progress.

As the title suggests, this series is based on departure shots and will be posted once per week, I hope you enjoy these shots!

Captions apply to the photos Below them

An Asiana A321 Blasting out of Hong Kong

An idle Lufthansa Cargo 77F while a Korean Air Cargo 77F piloted by @NYFLFlyer22 roars outs of Incheon! (RKSI)

A Boeing 737BBJ climbing out of Frankfurt International

What are one my posts without a TBM shot? I must say I, do love them!

An Idle KLM 77W piloted by @Thom_Langeveld standing at Panama City while an Air Canada rouge A319 climbs away

An Asiana A359 climbing out of WMKK at golden hour


Here’s a bonus shot that didn’t get posted in my last topic:

A Boeing 737BBJ turning onto final approach at SEQM

Which photo was your favourite?
  • Asiana A321
  • Lufthansa 77F & Korean air 77F
  • Boeing 737BBJ
  • TBM-930
  • Air Canada Rouge A319 & KLM 77W
  • Asiana A350
  • Bonus shot?

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I hope you enjoyed these shots and this new series! I am looking forward to be around sometime next week with more shots. As always, see you, in the skies! ✈️


Another series! I’ll be checking this one out for sure! Nice shots!

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I remember seeing you at Incheon. Didn’t know you’d take a photo for a thread. Awesome photos, they look great!

May be biased but I do like the one with the Korean 77F😉

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Couldn’t miss the opportunity of getting that shot in, the 77f is a beast! Hope you had a nice flight to Vienna.?

And thanks, it’s one of my personal favourites as well. ;)

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Meh, landing was pretty bad, touched down way too early because I didn’t notice I started dropping and didn’t get the stall warning. But besides that, it was a nice flight haha

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