Dynamic bank angle

As a radar controller, it feels that auto-pilot’s bank angle of 20˚ in IF isn’t enough/realistic.

After observing aircrafts in FlightRadar24, I feel they are able to make much more sharper turns as compared to turns made by IF planes because of the fixed bank angle of 20˚ in IF.
Also, IRL pilots can make 360 loops quicker compared to IF.
Real life pilots could confirm this.

Example: We cannot make planes do small turns like this while controlling approach

If the bank angle of auto-pilot could be increased slightly to something like 25˚ that would make controlling even more realistic coz planes will be able to make turns like they do IRL.

Time for one 360˚ turn:

Maybe auto-pilot should have dynamic bank angle:

Something like:

Altitude (FL) Bank angle (deg)
< FL100 25˚
FL100 - FL200 20˚
> FL200 15˚

Because of this, we cannot use loops effectively while controlling.

Note: I wouldn’t prefer giving this control to pilot in IF, because it would be a nightmare vectoring different planes who have set different bank angles.

I hope we can get a feature close to something requested above as it should be relatively low development effort.

Can we please have max auto-pilot bank angle changed from 20˚ to 25˚ (at least for aircrafts in approach airspace).
It can remain the same (20˚) everywhere else.

Thanks IF team!

definitely voted for this 😍


Needed. Voted

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this is a much needed feature which should be brought here as soon as possible

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