DylanIE's IFATC Training Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello everyone and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread.
Here I will be posting as to when and where I’m open and for around how long.
All feedback is very welcome
Currently Closed


Open now at EIDW (Dublin). All feedback is very welcome. Will be there for about 40mins+

Im coming in now from a long flight from KLAX, you just cleared me to land! :)

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Yep i saw you. Can’t remember what you were flying though.

Thanks for everyone who came! Sorry about the last person my if crashed right before I cleared you to taxi to parking.

British Airways 1198, Boeing 777. :)

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Open now Ground and Tower at LFPG. Will be open for 30-40mins. All feedback very welcome!

See you there. American 127

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Overall, not too bad!

There were a few things that I think you could improve on, though:

  1. First of all, you cleared me to pushback into another plane. This could be enough to make you fail the practical test, depending on how you do with the rest of it. In my experience, the IFATC testers are strict (and for good reason). I’m not saying that’s a definite failure, but when you’re expected to perform at the top level as an Expert ATCer, that’s a biiiiiiiiig no-no.
  2. I noticed you had different runways landing different directions. On one side of the airfield, you had aircraft departing and arriving on runway 08R/L, and on the other, you had them departing and arriving on 27L/R. As a general rule, it’s a better idea to keep all of the traffic flowing in the same direction. It’ll greatly reduce your workload when times get busy.|
  3. After my first takeoff on 08L remaining in the pattern with right traffic, I had made it all the way to right downwind and you told me to enter left downwind for 08L. For aircraft in the pattern, you don’t need to give them a pattern entry instruction; it is assumed they will automatically be on downwind at some point. That being said, for aircraft entering the pattern from outside of the airspace, the proper command to have them enter right traffic for 08L would have been “enter right downwind, 08L.” A left downwind would have either had the aircraft overfly the airport, or collide with the aircraft in the pattern for 27L/R.
  4. I was never sequenced… Don’t forget to sequence! It’ll help you organize traffic, and it’ll help them figure out who they’re following in the pattern.

If you have any questions regarding my comments, let me know! Once you’re comfortable with the skills you have, I recommend contacting an IFATC Trainer to help you polish up your use of the ATC commands. Trainers, who you should contact based on your region in the world, can be found on this thread:

When you’ve got that all taken care of and your Trainer says you’re ready to test, contact a recruiter! Those guys can be found here:

Again, let me know if you have questions!

Good luck with your ATC training. Hope to see you around!

Koby Thomas
American 127

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Thanks for coming around!

  1. I don’t think I really noticed but I wouldn’t be surprised because there were the two other planes next to you so that my bad entirely.

  2. Yes generally I do want to use the runways to get traffic to go the same direction but then I noticed that there were a few aircraft requesting landing on the 27l side. When I told them to enter downwind for the other side they just ignored me so I decided to just go along with them and use two different flows of traffic and not spend time telling them to check help pages ect. but ye as soon as that started happening I realised it wasn’t really that great but I generally just clear the grade 1 pilots how they want and try to work around them.

  3. Ye I probably miss clicked for that especially cause I spend a few seconds before giving pattern instructions working out which side is left and right downwind and the same for bases. So after I give you right traffic and if there is no one else in the pattern should I just clear you to land as there is no sequencing to be done?

  4. That sort of goes with the question in 3. Although I was sequencing incoming aircraft from 25m I must have not done it for you.

Was I right to extend you downwind that time? Or should i have given you maintain best forward speed to get you in front of the other plane?

And did do alright with the runway change? I haven’t really done them. I only know sort of how to deal with them from the atc videos.

Thanks so much for coming, on my birthday aswell!


Reply didn’t work properly

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Happy birthday!

So in response to your question regarding clearances, if I’m the only aircraft in the pattern, you can simply give me a clearance. There is no “number 1” button under the sequencing tab, nor would it be necessary. Again, it doesn’t require a pattern entry instruction because I’m already in the pattern. Typically, sequencing is done on the departure leg or the crosswind leg, and clearances are given on the downwind leg, but if you don’t need to sequence because there are no other planes in the pattern, you can give the clearance as soon as you’d like. Just make sure you don’t keep the pilot waiting too long for a clearance!

With the whole “extend downwind thing,” that’s typically a command you want to avoid. Now, until you can control in the Expert server and the majority of people actually know the proper use of ATC commands, you may occasionally need to use “Extend downwind” or “I’ll call your base” just to communicate the message that you want them to continue on the downwind leg until you notify them to turn base. In a practical application, “extend downwind” and “I’ll call your base” are really only used when there’s a huge line waiting to depart the runway and you need the traffic in the pattern to give them more room to do so. Even then, you don’t want them to extend downwind too terribly far, or you’ll risk forgetting about them all together. There are some other uncommon reasons to use those commands, but if you use the proper sequencing terminology (and if the pilot understands what those commands mean), the pilots should know who they’re following in the pattern. For instance, if I’m on downwind, there’s traffic on 5m final, traffic on 15m extended final, traffic 35m out, rather than telling me that you’ll call my base, you can say “American 127, number 3, traffic to follow is on final.” That tells me that I’m following an aircraft on final and I’m number 3 in the queue to land. From there, I should be able to look at the radar and figure out I’ll be behind the traffic on 15m extended final and before the traffic 35m out. After I acknowledge your sequence, you can go ahead and clear me.

Runway changes do require a pattern entry instruction, because you’re entering a different pattern for a new runway. If there’s traffic in the pattern for that runway, it’ll require a sequence as well. Since I was on right downwind for 08L when I requested a switch to 08R, either “enter right downwind” or “enter right base” would have been correct. If I remember correctly, you told me to enter left downwind, so you got part of it right. Again, if the planes are making right turns, it’s right traffic, so right downwind.

Other questions? :)

I’m more than happy to help! I recently passed my IFATC practical so I’ve been controlling on Expert and I’ve definitely noticed two things. 1: Traffic follows your commands to a tee (most of the time), and 2: There’s a need for more controllers. If you want to join the IFATC team, take the steps necessary and go for it!

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Okay thanks a lot for your help man!

Will definitely want to apply in the near future.

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