Dylan Woods ATC Tracking Thread TS [Global]TS2[Closed]LFLL

KDEN is Closeed for service.

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EGCC is Open for service.

Will you still be open in one hour? If so I will pop in, call sign Delta 1848

Come on through @Dylan_M

I’m coming in half hour, don’t worry

EGCC is now closed for service.

Oh, well never mind.

LFLL is open for service.

LFLL is now closed for service.

LIMC is now open for service. Pattern work is welcome.

LIMC is now closed. Thanks to all pilots that enjoyed my service. Greatly appreciated.

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KATL is now Closed for service.

I will Be Training here this week.



VECC is now open for service.

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Dang it I just missed you

VECC closed for service. I will open later. Dinner time with wifey.

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Hey, I saw you doing ATC at VECC. Around Zulu 22:30.
Great job doing ATC!


Thanks @Gabe_Z. Please provide feedback to my trainer @Trio

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YSCB is now closed. I will open after my morning Tech meetings.

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CYYZ is open for service.