Dylan_P's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSJC


I got caught up with school, and my old tracking thread became too old to edit, so I had to make a new one and have the old one closed.

I would really appreciate it if you could come by and support me, and leave some feedback when I control. I will be sure to announce on this page when I do. All feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated and will be taken into account. I am hoping to take my test in the next month.

The more people the better, I am trying to work on sequencing!

Thanks in advance!



Sorry CAVA-Ej1, my menu glitched and wouldnt let me tap anything while on tower. Thats why I didnt give a runway exit command and frequency change command.

It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Feedback time!

Oof, the session’s over?

The only thing I think you did wrong was that you didn’t give me a runway exit command, but as you said, it wasn’t your fault.

nope its open

No, I just had to leave

Oh yay, I’ll come and try to join. Callsign: N687HS and username is: Humars.

Alright, here’s my general feedback:


You did wonderfully, all standard procedures were followed and you responded to requests correctly!


Whether if this is correct or not, I think you should have given me a pattern instruction to turn left base to intercept the ILS as a heads up that I will be acting independently with no ATC assistance. Also, just a recommendation that you should only give progressive taxi instructions in a scenario to avoid major collisions.

Otherwise, you did outstanding and wish you luck for the future!

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Thanks for the feedback. I do not believe I am required to give you pattern instructions, unless I am switching runways or working you around an aircraft. I gave the progressive taxi instructions as it appeared you were taxiing to the wrong runway. I will be sure to take that into consideration. Thanks again for your time!


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Well, I was actually taxing towards runway 30L, I just had to pass the parking area. Also, no problem!

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Thanks for opening up the best airport in the world, KSJC! :D
Sadly, I can’t come as I’m in Seattle irl at the moment but again, thanks for opening up San Jose! :D

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Watch this thread, KSJC is the main airport I operate for my training.

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Take that SFO!!! >:)


This is where it all begins or on SFO’s side…ENDS

Opening soon at KSJC.

Main things I need to work on today are:

  • Sequencing

  • Runway changes

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Spawning in at KSJC

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Okay, I will post your feedback in a bit.

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Ok thanks. Just spawned in

Currently open!