Dylan_P’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSJC

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback! I greatly appreciate it and hope you can join me again in the future!

Hi everyone,
Thanks to those who came and supported yesterday. I am currently opening KFAT for a bit, taking into account all the feedback left last night.

KFAT is now OPEN on training

Hey there I will come and do some patterns…
I will do long patterns as I am practicing landings if that’s ok with you and also you can leave the session at anytime cuz I will be here for very long doing patterns,
Callsign : V1023
Aircraft : ----

Good job dude. Didn’t see anything wrong with my quick little flight :)

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Thanks :))

Today’s session was decent, here at some things I noticed

  • pattern instructions were not great,You kept saying right/left base when ever I was on downwind
  • clearance should be given typically when on downwind,your was a bit late
    Don’t worry you can easily overcome this problem
  • you sequenced G-MAN number 2 traffic to follow is on base
    Here,I was on downwind…i was given pattern instructions for a different runway (29R) so you should not have sequenced him behind me as he was approaching a different runway (29L).
  • commands were extremely slow at times
    Again this come with practice and hard work!
  • good exit instructions

I loved today’s session hope to see you soon and ask me if you have any doubts :)

This should help you!


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I will take it into consideration next time and I appreciate the diagram. Glad you enjoyed. I do agree the commands were slow, I apologize. And I am glad I got the exit commands right, I messed them up last time lol.

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No need to apologise…everyone needs to learn at some point :)

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Hi everyone,
I am opening KSJC for a bit on training server.
I would really appreciate it if you could join and give feedback! The past few times I opened, I waited over a half hour and nobody joined.

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I’m spawning right now

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Thx :)

And it says i need 10 characters. So. That should be plenty.

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Spawning In!

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Sorry I had to go quickly (as you could probably tell). I’ll be back later if you’re still open (30m-1h)

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Ok lmk (you know how to contact me lol)

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Thanks! My apologies, I forgot to issue an exit command.

Yep that’s fine just one mistake

You Handled my go around perfectly which is good I think you did pretty well!

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Happy to hear! Thanks for stopping by!

ATC is now open @ KSJC Hope you can stop on by!

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Spawning in a sec

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thanks :)

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