Dylan_P’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSJC

I thought it might be a good idea to make a tracking thread for my IFATC journey. I would really appreciate it if you could leave some feedback when I control, I will be sure to announce on this page when I do. Depending on the traffic, I may or may not do pattern work. All feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated and will be taken into account.

Thanks in advance!


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I will be controlling SFO Tower/Ground on training if anyone would like to help me practice

I’d definitely recommend going to a less crowded airspace then KSFO

I switched to Miami because there is one plane there but hopefully someone comes along lol

I am controlling KSJC if anyone could come do some pattern work and give feedback that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Well, I’ll be arriving from KMSP in around 38 minutes. What perfect time!

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Cool! See you then!

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Any specific runway(s)? I got 30R planned.

30R is good.

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Hey thanks for being very interactive on the way into the airport. I was SWA1799. You did very well and I had fun.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed and I appreciate your cooperation. Have a great night!


Hello! I was “GREEN.” I will PM you what I thought in a few. Thanks for the session!


Stopping by now for pattern work!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Sorry all, my iPad began overheating badly so I was forced to close.

Looks like you quit out right when I was overhead. When I call for transition, 8,000ft is way too high for a transition. A transition is when an aircraft wants to fly through your airspace overhead. With KSJC being 62ft, an appropriate transition would be around 2500 to 4,000. Aircraft in the pattern would be flying around 1100-to 1600ft, which would allow plenty of room for the transition! I see your iPad began overheating. I’ll stop by next time you’re open again!

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I did not get to review the replay but here are some thoughts off the top of my head.

  1. Give pattern entry once. You gave extra pattern entries inconsistently.
  2. Practice sequences. You did things that made me confused, I thought you made me #2 but then told me to make 360 for spacing for #3. I’ll have to check my replay.
  3. If I am sequenced #3 and number 2 is on final you didn’t need to tell me to extend downwind, this is assumed. If you need room for a takeoff, then extend me downwind or call my base.
  4. Why did you give me an 8000 ft transition. The max pattern altitude is 1600 ft or so… add 1000 ft for spacing, 2500-3000 ft would have been appropriate.
  5. You should issue sequencing and clearances on early downwind not on final legs. You missed me and GREEN entirely on my last pattern.
  6. You did not issue a runway exit instruction.

Thank you, I really appreciate your time and feedback. I have a couple questions if you dont mind me asking.

  1. For the pattern entries, does that mean one time and then I dont have to give entry after you do the first touch and go?

  2. Yes, I had to switch the sequence because someone cut in front and was very close to you, at least from what I saw on the radar.

  3. Was unsure about that, thank you for clarifying.

  4. Transitions have always been foggy to me, thank you for the info and clarification.

  5. Ok, will do next time

  6. Yes, I realized that. Around when should I issue a runway exit command?

Thank you again for your time and help. Next time will be better!

Thank you for the feedback

You give the first pattern entry when takeoff is requested. (eg: “Cleared for takeoff runway 12L, make right traffic.” You also give one when a runway change occurs (eg: enter left downwind, runway 12R. Then, number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic). You also give one when you enter the airspace inbound for a touch and go (same as previous). You could also theoretically do it if you want to change from one pattern to another if the airspace is busy and there is only one runway.

I am looking at the replay now, I think if you had initially given N191DC a pattern entry and sequence behind me when he first called inbound he would have realized he was to stay behind me. If you had done this and he was still too close you could have said maintain slowest practical speed to improve spacing. I guess the 360 was ok too, there are a variety of ways to handle this so I would defer to ones with more experience.

Basically the planes in the pattern are hanging out at 1000-1500 AGL. So take the elevation of the airport and add another 1000 about the pattern altitude for spacing. KSJC is 62ft above sea level so that is where I got 2600 ft from.

Yes, it is best to sort all of this out early so everyone knows where they should stay and space themselves out. You are free to re-sequence if there is a jet going 240kts and a cessna going 110 kts, you’ll want to be flexible because the smaller prop can make a tighter pattern but you don’t want to make the jet wait.

This is definitely worth watching a few times:

If someone says they are inbound for landing, you can give it once they touch down and are slowing down. If someone is doing touch and goes, watch for their speed to drop below 60 kts or so and then give it. If they are already on the taxiway just tell them to “Contact Ground”