@Dylan_M's IFCI Interview

Welcome to @Dylan_M’s IFCI Interview!

Hello, and thanks for joining us for another Interview. Today we spoke with Dylan M, a New Yorker and Plane Spotter. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question for Dylan!

What are you’re 3 favorite planes that fly into LGA?

  1. Airbus A220 - honestly i knew this was my number one favorite from the start - quiet, beautiful, amazing aircraft!
  2. Airbus A320 - i love this one as well! The engines sound great, the aircraft looks awesome, just like the A220.
  3. Boeing 737 - this one was easily my 3rd favorite one. It’s probably the most common aircraft, so i get quite used to the 737. I love it!

What is your favorite event you’ve ever held?

Obvioulsy my KLGA flyout. This event was truly a blast, with over 90 people attending! It was actually my first very successful event.

What is your favorite airline and why? (@Brayden_McNeal)

Delta. Probably the only airline I could’ve chosen - I’ve only flown them! I recall having a very nice experience with them. I wasn’t an AvGeek back when I last flew so sorry if I didn’t give enough info, lol.

What are some things you think LGA needs to improve on?

I think they need to improve on cleanliness. The terminals, are tired, aging, and worst of all - dirty. Luckily, the new Terminal B is a big improvement. I think they also need to improve on lighting, service, and ceiling height.

How did you get into Infinite Flight?

I got into Infinite Flight by searching up “flight simulator” on the App Store. I was a “noob” at first and almost deleted the app but starting watching tutorials and slowly got better. Now look where I am now. I joined ASVA and it’s been history ever since. My life has changed amazingly.

What is a dream feature you would like to see added to Infinite Flight and why?

I have to go with the A220. I absolutely LOVE this airplane! It’s quiet, small, and amazing!
Unfortunately, it probably won’t be added for a very long time.

If you could fly into one airport for the rest of your life, what would it be? (@JacksonAviation)

KLGA - end of story, lol.

What do you think of the Expressway Visual to runway 31 at KLGA?

I really like it. A lot. My favorite part of it is easily the huge left turn when very close to the runway.

Why is LGA your favorite airport in the NYC area? Why not KEWR or KJFK?

I like LGA more than JFK and EWR because it’s my local airport, and im the most used to it. I do spotting there the most out of the three airports. Some of the locations are awesome! I also like it because it’s a break from the massive widebody aircraft that go to JFK.

What is your favorite destination serviced by LGA?

I gotta go with Florida. It’s an extremely popular destination from LGA. Among the most popular.

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Thank you! I truly loved this experience!


So is flying into KLGA apparently 🙄

Honestly don’t know how you like it so much… Each to their own 🤷

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Everyone loves their home airport, right??


This is quite true… Bristol is the epitome of misery and small international syndrome, yet I still love it 🤷

I don’t LOVE dfw. it’s pretty cool to spot at, but honestly KAFW would be better because there’s a hill near the 34L and 34R and the planes can fly right over you. too bad planes don’t fly into there too often

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